New Operation Underground Map! Full Details & Trailer Breakdown | Battlefield V

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    1. Can’t recomend you my solution of this problem, but i dealt with it only when completely reinstalled the whole game, while moving from win7 to win10.

    1. Rebel Jester no it would have been better Soviet Union vs Germans and fall of Berlin just see movie The Downfall aka Der Untergang”

    2. Collin O’Toole he doesn’t commit suicide and tries to escape and the other team has to capture or kill him just like war pigeons from BF1

  1. Battlefield: “its like metro, but its 3 areas instead of 4 and is wider” Veterans whove played metro: then its not metro. yeet!

    1. You can’t speak for all the veterans 😂 it will still give the same feel as operation metro. If you don’t think it’s metro… then idk what to tell ya. But you can’t speak for all of us

  2. I think operation underground is going to defy the odds for battlefield v instead of Chapter 4: Defying the odds. Hopefully👍🏾

  3. I always feel like when I’m playing battlefield 5 maps it’s almost like the battle happened and we’re just going through lol

  4. The hair on the medic is called Desert Rat, he’s also wearing a common set for the torso, Desert Rat was bundled with the Epic Medic bundle!

  5. Can’t wait for half the features in this trailer to not actually be in the game. DICE should just make animation movies, not video games

    1. HeyTrueBlue I get the joke but there’s no features here really that arnt already in the game? The underwater tunnel and v1 explosion have all been confirmed as parts of the map

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