Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Why Are These Things Taking Over?

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These mobile versions of popular games are taking over. Why? Let's take a look at differences and similarities as well as the bigger picture within the gaming industry.
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  1. I don’t know why I still play Call of Duty, truth be told.
    Since I couldn’t play any other games, I downloaded CoD Mobile because why tf not.
    I’m good at avoiding monetization, generally, so I can get past it, and past it is a game that plays surprisingly well and it just fun, so I’m down. For now.

    1. And if I’m not mistaken, you earn weapons by leveling up, you don’t need to buy the skinned versions to progress or get new weapons..

    2. Sandman Slim actually it’s something that I picked up for my grandfather and honest man never lies how he would say I just modernize it.

    3. Sweet Mango No no I don’t I honestly would cut off my own private if it meant removing any of the filth on Mobile

      Modern problems require modern solutions

  2. Honestly, so far I’m having a GREAT time playing CoD: Mobile. IMHO it’s so far the best mobile fps I’ve played in terms of control at the very least.

    1. aldo h. Jake probably still rocking samsung s3 or iphone 5s. Thats why he cannot play the game.

      As someone that live in sea region, a video really costly at around RM210. Our average salary for early adult is around RM2000. That why most people play with their phone.

  3. Played pubg mobile since release. Deleted it earlier this year. Dev’s fail to address the bugs and keeps bringing in skins. Cod mobile so far has more content in it and zombies is being released soon so I’m looking forward to that.

    1. @Keayshawn Griffin Wouldn’t say it’s a better game in general.

      PUBGM has a better BR mode and CODM has a better Multiplayer mode.

      PUBGM’s extra modes for BR are great as well. The only things I can criticise for PUBGM is Basic Infection Mode and TDM. They’re both mediocre. But the Infection modes for BR where you play with a squad and have to survive a night.

    2. @B’oh | Geralt of Rivia I dont really play the BR mode of COD. Yes pubg does have a better BR becuase that’s the whole premise of the game. COD mobile has both multiplayer and BR (zombies soon) pubg is obviously going to win in framerate, and gun balance but like I said before, the devs dont fix the bugs in the game that has been there since day one. Cod mobile hasn’t even been out for a week on American servers so of course it’s going to have some bugs(eventhough I haven’t ran into much of them) pubg has a better BR but COD mobile is a better game in general

    3. @Keayshawn Griffin PUBG Battle Royale vs CODM Battle Royale is no contest PUBG wins hands down.

      It’s more balanced, the gameplay is smoother on the best graphics options and it’s a very good Port from PC to Mobile which emulates really well.

      CODM is still a buggy mess and I still get drops in Frame rate with a Huawei P30 Pro.

    1. Gandhi was a pedophile and so is the entire Indian smelly ppl. he used to sleep with his 26 year old wife and cheat on her with other hundreds girls

    1. One of the worst companies. Their game, ‘Grim Souls’ is even more atrocious since it’s hard and you’ll keep on losing stuff if you die. And they have no innovation. They make the same games with a different setting.

    2. @ObiDaSauceMan 3 years and the game still in beta yet they push the microtransaction really hard… i rather play it modded and give other player the item they dont have when i do raids to their base

    3. @PhilTMG no game should hinder progress that much thats scummy af thats akin to how clash of clans makes you wait 900 hrs to level up a base in order to make you waste money on gems to speed up the process

    4. Is *GARBAGE* they basically force microtransactions in order to progress theres no way to reach certain areas and complete vechicals without buyings loot boxes

  4. Cod mobile is actually good. I dont play any mobile games but its actually relatively solid, handled better than I thought they would have. Better offering than bo4 at this point

    1. ok still yet tencent is pretty much the king of the mountain. I just figured. They would make diablo as well. I woulda knew they didnt if i played shitty games like Diablo lol

    1. @TheMoonCloud Every F2P game has to have MTXs, you idiot. How else will the devs earn money? The problem starts when the game becomes P2W either due to grind or because rich people can afford more than you.

    2. @Chazre Gilzine You need OpenMW and a “copy” goty version of Morrowind. A good phone (mine is galaxy s7 edge) and some settings tweeking. Its awesome I tell ya ^_^

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