Metro is total Chaos – Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V Metro remake, operation underground is finally here and it is chaotic. Kind of fun though imo! Across the Battlefield – NEW T-Shirt! Thanks for watching, leave a like and a comment.

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    1. sam127001 I totally agree with you, I personally am enjoying battlefield V and think its a fun game. Im not bothered about the accuracy because Bf1 was the same

  1. As much as I love Dice’s ability to bring a game back from the dead against all odds…

    I really-REALLY hope they don’t come to rely on this ability as a strategy

    1. @TheMadKing man, its been fun.. you just have to take a couple of adderalls to be great haha, it gets nasty, you have to be quick… I enjoy flanking a lot, try it out. But I mean, ONLY flanking, it gets really fun haha

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