Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay + Impressions

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COD Mobile is out now! Let's jump in and see if it's any good. BR, Classics and More! Check out the game here: – Sponsored by Activision.
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    1. @ChaiSpicedD but the zombies mobile was an exact port to the console/pc versions zombies(with less details obviously) so that opinion is kinda dumb lol

    1. The very first game you play is vs bots. The one on nuketown that only goes to 20. After that it’s just skillbased match making so when you start out you’re playing against a bunch of 5 year olds who are playing on their daddy’s iPad or whatever

    2. @Markovicsable yeah it’s the same deal with PUBG Mobile. The first few days you’ll mostly win a lot against noobs and bots, and then the game goes into high gear mode as the enemies start to get smarter and way better than you.

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