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Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally happening on PC, the rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype might be up for sale, some cool new game trailers, and a bunch more in a week full of gaming news.
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Red Dead 2 PC

Ubisoft backs down:

Sony leadership change:

Cross play:

Extended Resident Evil multiplayer gameplay:

Leon and Claire in Monster Hunter Iceborne:

Last of Us graphics analysis:

new Avengers game character:


Mario + Luigi studio

Nintendo PlayStation prototype to be sold:

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  1. Major thanks to those who stopped by and contributed to our charity livestream last week. We raised over $4,000 for children’s care and cancer research.
    ENJOY the vidya game news and have a damn good weekend, folks

    1. Hold on, mission failed, your teammate died, sorry, go on back and redo the whole thing now. When I bought the game, it was based upon how great gta’s online mode is, no one cares about the stupid singleplayer, although gta V’s was awesome. This is all cinema, which evEryone hates, along with travelling 2 hours before each mission with characters who need to shut up blabbing the whole day on the way to the sub par mission, the game is garbage, you owe me 100 dollars, it’s complete tripe.

    2. Not to mention, Take Two Interactive causes copyright violations upon my ebay accounts for sale, I’m a big gta fan, so I can’t stop supporting the company, but these people belong in the garbage, I was just selling my psn which has progress in gta v, meanwhile rd2 is garbage, just make gta 6, like everyone is waiting for you stupid fruits. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx youre at the bounty, so capture him, now it is time to go all the way back, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jake: “This video is brought to you by…”
    Me: tries to skip past advertisement.
    Jake: “…you guys.”
    Me: feels bad for trying to skip.

    1. Not even joking I was a microsecond away from double tapping the screen to skip before I heard that. I can’t lie, it was kinda nice to hear… Usually all the thanks always goes to sponsors or patreon subs…

    1. @Corey Mckee Blame the greedy execs who capitalize GTA online success. If it wasn’t for them we would have single players DLCs by now.

    2. After the success of Gta Online, Rockstar will try to do same thing with rdr online, guess thats more profitable and less effort.

    3. A Son Rises More like it will never happen, they want a repeat of GTA online so they can make another billion dollars with their shark cards.

    1. ThatPixelGuy … I know!! I was just talking about the bare minimum. My cousin got a i5 4570 with no external GPU. I managed to run GTA V on his PC on low settings at 1080p with 30 or so fps. So with the new Gen Intel CPU’s and their integrated graphics, RDR2 will run too.

    2. Bart // Robo … I got an i7 4770k and GTX 1070 and I was worried until I saw these comments. As I come to think of it, the guys who got GTX 960 can play this game easily with low to medium settings at 1080p. Nothing to be afraid about.

  3. Those “time savers” were not released on accident, that was intentionally done to gauge the community’s reaction. If there was no backlash, then they would have left them in there.

    1. It was in Wildlands, you could buy xp boosters for the campaign. And didn’t they do the same thing to AC:Odyssey? Ubi is just thirsting for our money in any way they can get it.

    1. @Jono Hatwin well objectively pc is the better platform, and not just in graphics. But you’re right, people acting like they are better people just for owning a better platform is just rude and obnoxious. I dont see any problems with people playing games on consoles as long as they dont spread misinformation about it.

    2. Trusty Patches yeah, ok. I just like that they are opening up the game to more people. I have a PC and a console, so I don’t really consider myself to be on either side, but I just find it really irritating when people say that other gamers are inferior or somehow worse because of what hardware they choose to buy. Both PC and console have their own bonuses and drawbacks, but if people played games for pure graphics, indie titles like Undertale would never have taken off like they did.

    1. @Dishant Jha I don’t know if people are too lazy to use their they’re or there correctly or if they legit don’t the differences between them.

  4. Of course they announce it just over a month of me finally picking it up on sale for the PS4, after holding off all this time waiting for the PC release to be announced. Awesome timing.

    1. XD i know that feel man.i almost pick the game then i remember why rockstar launch their own launcher.thats why i hold for a moment then i saw this video.

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