STEALTH ENGAGED – Ghost Recon Breakpoint with Matimi0

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  1. We all know that when the recording stopped, you uninstalled the game and will never speak of it again.
    Not a fan of fake excitement and promoting garbage like this…

    1. Gavin Hood a heathy civilized talk that needs to come back because the hatred has gotten out of control so bad, that we’re almost reaching the point that people are gonna take things into their own hands and could be spilling some blood eventually, especially with what happened to a certain game dev because of a simple lie that destroy him by now

    1. @Prophet of regret who told you its a tactical shooter many years ago it was but from future soldier its changed. UBI soft are going with a decision so that most people enjoy it you know hard core tactical shooter everyone not enjoys and their sells number showing these ghost recon game sells more than which ones are most tactical thats why wildlands is most selling ghost recon game till now ultimately they are doing business and business rules said more sells number means more profit.

    2. @Biswajit Ghosh thats not where im getting at. Breakpoint has rpg mechanics. I dont expect rpg mechanics to be in a tactical shooter. Its trying to do two things at once and it does not do both very well.

    1. Because the majority of gamers & powerful youtubers/Twitch Streamers (by 95%) are the reason that certain games will be successful to the end degree, especially since we’re the ones that made battle royals popular

  2. “Its not really available😅servers are already down since 1pm uk” when online, the game is fun, improved on some levels compare to wildlands. Hope for the next game they take the game back to the old scool ghost recon, improve their storyline and cutscenes. For now its fun till mw launches🤪

  3. Hmmm, play for a couple of hours, make a vid showing you having ‘fun’ …kerching! Dollar bill. Uninstall and move on 😒

  4. If its not massively better than the “beta” then im gonna miss this one. It already looks and sounds exactly like wildlands. Just with bugs.

    1. @Lyin Ted Wildlands was simplistic but at least it was functional. It was a great premise but the game they designed around it was about quantity, not quality.
      Breakpoint looks better at first but is actually a much less functional game. Pretty much everything in it needs to be patched significantly.

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