The Mad Lad – Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V Madsen is the latest gun to be added, but is it any good and how do you get rid of that HUGE magazine? Let's discuss! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. NEW T-Shirt! Thanks for watching, leave a like and a comment.

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    1. @PvtJohnTowle no, Katana is a very soecific type of sword and swords used by soldiers carry different names. Katana is officially onky the main larger sword of a traditional swordsman who carries 2 swords of dirffering size with the Katana paired with the washizaki i think

      the name of a WW2 era sword made for soldiers of Meiji era Japan was called the ryo-gunto swords

    1. If you can get a specific type of match you can really grind out the ‘attack objectives’ assignments. You need a good defender team and your team needs to be pushing a bit, but not enough to properly capture the objective.

    1. @Preston Eric I agree with you. I still like the game, but when it first came out it was a disaster and diserved the hate I my opinion in both game content problems and dice’s response to fan comments. I’m glad to see most of the bugs are fixed and that dice is both listening to the community and adding more fun content. In fact all I am playing for now is operation underground because it’s soooo fucking fun!!!! You definitely need to try it bro you won’t regret it!!👍👍

    2. @jason galloway I’ll get to it eventually. I feel that a lot of the hate towards bfv is unwarranted and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. I wish the ttk was faster but that will come with the private servers as we can set the health to hardcore. I’m excited to play on operation underground and hope dice will implement the 3flag conquest on some of the other small maps (loffoten islands, provance)

    3. @jason galloway BFV haas free maps, so eventually bfv will be better. However I got my bf1 maps for free, and never even tried them? I just havent really played many online FPS these recent years TBH. I used to play them constantly when I was gaming exclusively on pc….but now it’s either youtube netflix or gaming..usually one of the former during my free time before bed. From what I’ve played from BFV it feels really good. I think it got way too much hate, even if you are forced to be a female for the first few hours of online. lol

  1. there are several locked doors underwater on the map, but there is actually an open air short hallway with a locked door that you can get too…..easter egg?

    1. Yeah me and my friend found that to when we was playing. We was so stoked when we managed to flank the enemy team by activating Shark boy mode and going for a swim. Praise the water 🙌🏻

    2. Yeah there’s almost certainly an Easter egg or two hidden in those corridors and the little office rooms you can go through. I bet there’s a way to open a few of those doors with deadbolts.

  2. I literally only play battlefield for rush, so this game was a let down from the beginning, hoping they’ll make it permanent so I can spend more of my time in this game

    1. @Ash Fernandes well no. In danish its almost as Rasmus says with an almost “silent” d, more like a very very soft d than the know hard d sound in English. Pronunced more or less Ma-sen . But in English it’s still pronunced Mad-sen. With the hard d sound ( <--feels weird writing that xD) don't know why I spend time on this as Im not that great at grammar, hope I made it more clear. 🙂

  3. The Madsen was one of my favorites in BF1 I’m so happy to see it back! Also the Madsen is actually used by some Brazilian Police Forces, which is weird.

  4. Rush os absolutely a main mode of Battlefield.
    Honestly it was all I ever played for the better part of a year in BF3 – damavand peak, bazaar, metro, Caspian border, all great rush maps and it made you feel like you were this great big army fighting for a common goal. And obviously that’s something that’s missing in BFV, that “role playing” element

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