Surprisingly Fun Sci-Fi Piloting Game – Frontier Pilot Simulator

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  1. somehow this reminds me of netflix’ “love, death and robots” – episode: Lucky 13. military operations like supply missions or dropping troops in a combat zone would be a great challenge.

  2. Sounds like a re-imagination of the old game “Sim Copter” (it’s exactly what it sounds like; look it up, guess you would have loved that one, too). One of the very first 3D games which I ever played (back then as a demo only). Most weird thing was, it always had Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie playing. 😀

    1. that’s what i thought, especially because of the name. Titanfall is set in “The Frontier” and you play as a mech pilot

  3. This is cool but it makes me want a game that puts you in the seat of a combat pilot that flies missions like insertion, extraction, and air support.

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