10 HARDEST Video Game Choices That Made Us Sweat

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Sometimes games present incredibly tough choices. Here are some of our favorite examples. We'll cover more in future videos!
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    1. @Murloc Master I can take the left door, but the game resets if I take the right. Hmmmm seems unintentional. More investigation is needed.

    1. The way that standoff looked plus the fact the game forced me to pull the trigger several times……the first game to ever tug me into wanting to hesitate pressing the R2

  1. I have never once in any bioshock playthrough of 1 or 2, harvested a little sister. Even if you don’t harvest them you’ll occasionally get gifts that give you some extra adam and other items.

    1. On top of that if you actually do the math you end up with more Adam saving the little sisters with the extra Adam in the gifts. Also you get a guarunteed plasmid/tonic in every gift.

    2. I’ve done it in 1 & 2 to see all the endings. I saved them first. And 2 makes you feel more guilty harvesting them. And I played them as a kid and felt even worse 🙁

  2. The hardest choice in a game is the character customisation at the beginning because even after spending 2 hours at it, I’m still not happy how it turn out.

    1. Or you have this incredible luck of creating it perfectly on the first run and than everything crashes before the autosave kicks in… Looking at FO76…

  3. For the mass effect one. A) his name is pronounced “kaidan” B) ash doesn’t outrank you lol. She’s enlisted. Officers are always a higher rank than enlisted

    1. My bet is he never played the game. Ash, E-7 vs Shepherd, O-5/O-6 (probably). She was in/led a squad vs top secret missions and ship and crew… and he’s a specter.

      BTW, Iiked them both.

    2. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was annoyed with his name pronunciation. I take it he either didn’t play the game or he always picked Ashley. 😉

    1. That game was such a surprise (a dark one) playing it cold back in the day. Not at all what you’d expect from the trailers and all that. I don’t think anything else has even come close to kicking the player in the groin since. It’s a shame.

  4. When you have the money then asking yourself, PC for the glorious Graphics and insane steam deals? or those Juicy Exclusives on the console.

    1. There are thousands—probably tens of thousands—of exclusives on PC. How is it a choice, unless you’re addicted to some particular console franchise?

    2. Long term would be PC since you can do so much more than just playing video games which can leads you to gain money in the process. I know, what a shock, right?

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