Dominus Galaxia – 02 – (Space Empire 4X Strategy Game)

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Part 1:

Dominus Galaxia on Kickstarter:

Dominus Galaxia is a 4X space strategy game, heavily inspired by Master of Orion 1.

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  1. Oof, that retreating at 21:20 with your ships looks like a bad miscalculation on AI part. We’re going to revamp space combat AI soon, and hopefully not run into that again 🙁

    1. Yup. In slow-mo it looks like both sides wanted to retreat, but then the Repter changed their minds after your ships started running away (since your ships moved first). A good fix here may be too make defending forces more aggressive in general.

  2. Missile bases are pretty though. 1 can easily defend the planet against about 10 frigates, asuming a decent amount of those are Nuclear Bomb Armed.
    The thing is that the AI goes into flee-mode once a planetary missile locked onto one of their units.

  3. It looks pretty good but it still needs work. Looks like a mess, I’ll probably check this out in 6 months or so and see how it’s doing.
    Thank you Nook!

  4. Gotta say, when you said it was based on you saying it was based on original MOO, I was about to go out to invest on their kickstarter for $1200 tier, but seeing how completely unbalanced the fighting is, I’m going to hold off on it. I regret buying the rebooted MOO after they wrecked the science right before launch, and that was only $60. Thanks for showing us this game, it has potential and I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  5. This looks like old school MOO … The greatest space game ever. Back before everybody decided that automated combat was better for me (it’s not). Thanks for spying this one out Nook!!
    EDIT: Where is this game … can’t find it on Steam???

    1. It’s on Kickstarter, Nook has a link in the description you can click on (has a token in the link, not sure if it’s tied to some kind of kickback to Nook, or just youtube tracker). There is a steam community for the game, but I don’t see a store page yet. It’s also available on

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