Madsen MG Makes A Return! Bren Replacement? | Battlefield V Weapon Review

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  1. I like how BF5 is adding new guns and the occasional new map, but I’m a gadget guy, I noticed ever since BF1 and BF5 that they keep adding less and less gadgets. Perhaps a vid idea?

    1. Sámgak Gïmbap i would rather see guns that were really used then guns like the sturmgewehr 1-5 where only like 5 where produced…

  2. I don’t know why, but I personally like the feel of the Madsen just a little more than the Bren, maybe it’s just because I like the feel and am used to the feel from bf1

  3. I can’t wait for a modern Battlefield so I never have to deal with LMGs with these obstructive banana magazines. They literally block enemies right in front of you.

    1. @Chris Whitehead lol if medics with smgs are pussies what about camping scouts and supports with SRs and MMGs? How someone should play? Assault only? I need to remind you that assault has OP weapons too like the Piat and the STG?

    2. I don’t know why people complain about MGs. Even tho the banana mag may block your view its still a ww2 shooter and needs realistic guns or else people complain.

  4. the madsen is the first lmg with a minimum damage of 20 but also a max damage of 22 giving it a 5 shot kill at all ranges. Thus its a very effective medium to long range weapon. How lvlcap couldnt figure this signature feature out is beyond me.

    1. I thought it was 20-20 flat but yeah, one of the things people were excited for before the gun even released was the consistent 5 shot kill. I check the leak stuff infrequently at best and even I knew that was this weapon’s gimmick.

    1. True, it has mechanical advantages over bottom-feeding and side-feeding magazines as well as practical utility over pan and drum magazines.

  5. this thing at 7:04 I have this happening when ADS… I thought my mouse button was dying, anyone else have it? It’s not just LMG/MMG, it happens with snipers and other weapons.

    1. Yeah I’ve had this issue with other weapon types. Weirdly enough I also had a similar issue with my gun swapping then going back. It’s like inputs are bugged but it hasn’t happened to me for a few updates

    1. It still exists. is a very rough and ugly spreadsheet with weapon data, while another fellow collates the data in a more presentable fashion at robenter.

  6. I find this gun very smooth to control when fully specced out but yeah the obstruction to view when running around and during the ADS animation…it’s just too much for me. Not gonna be using this one a lot.

  7. at this point, I’m concerned all these BF1 gun crossovers are gonna end up in bad company because they just keep getting away with it

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