Modern Warfare 2019: 10 BIGGEST CHANGES

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Modern Warfare 2019 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is right around the corner. Here are some things you should know if you haven't been keeping up.
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    1. Harrison Perks “I don’t like this company”
      Retards like Harrison “StoP coMPlAnINg”

      You people overdramatize any criticism. He didn’t tell everyone to boycott, he didn’t demand anyone be fired, he didn’t whine about how they ruined his childhood…

      He simply made fun of a company that had us all ready to enjoy their game then ruined it by being their predatory selves lol literally only turning people away. Nobody saw exclusivity or pay to win (rumor) loot boxes and said “now I’ll buy it”. It literally only worked against them.

    2. @Harrison Perks Just because some people still managed to put up with their BS it doesn’t mean what Activision doing is okay. Imagine how much better their video games would be if the publisher wasn’t so greedy.

    1. 7striker I’m not going to lie though, gaming would only be better off if micro transactions weren’t a thing. But at this point that’s just day dreaming, because they’re not going anywhere for a while

    1. @Loopsad If you mean Battlefield 5 you must be an absolute mong, If you meant that this game can’t compete with 4, 3 and the bad company’s you are completely right.

      But I do have to say as a long time player of battlefield, this game looks rather O.K. not buying it until it releases.

    1. @Paul Lomax you are still making excuses, fact is, online games are the most played, so you are saying it’s ok for Sony to deny all playstation owners of the most popular genres because you don’t play them? That’s just daft

    1. wasnt the removed scene the one of the child pretty much being sold to a pedo general? dont know why you’d insist to have it back cause its really not needed imo

  1. Remember when Treyarch said that CoD Blops 4 was going to be supported for years and then they launched the last update “Dark Divide”.
    Wait for the rain of loot boxes. I do not know why ´people still get excited about free content if Activision will find something good to make up for it!.

    1. @Lou Che campaign was fun, never touched the multiplayer. As for the new one? I haven’t bought a cod since Infinite Warfare. Not about to start now.

    2. Yeah people are casuals cod will always sell good I mean just a million is good but the worst one infinite warfare made 20 million copies sold the worst game so imagine this one 30 mill 40 mill will not be surprised and Black ops 4 apparently is the game the generation in PS4 store and it’s like 70 present off

    1. If you don’t play it, you might missed the news as well, that Activision-Blizzard banned a Heartstoneplayer for 1 year and 2 moderators (they didn’t say anything about that actually), because they spoke for freedome for hong kong.

      The only message from Activision-Blizzard after that was, that they reaction according to the pride of china (was from the chinese Blizzard twitter account). Several protesteres allready died there by chinese polize force, or were sent to conzentration camps. The chines goverment broke multiple contracts done with hong kong (and the UK).

  2. Damn shame, looks like IW put some love into this one but after Mr 1percent and Blizzard / Activision being Mr Krabs, I’m out.

  3. Looks like an amazing return to form for the series. Sucks I can’t bring myself to buy it, I’m not supporting Activision and their scummy practices with the Survival and loot boxes.

    1. Exactly. I’ve been playing since cod 3. I see them lie over and over. Take advantage of us. Now I see them prioritize their greed over human rights… Ight I’ma head out

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