I Love this – Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V Metro on Rush is probably my favourite map mode combo at the moment. Great map design and flow leads to fun games. NEW Gold Foil Teeshirt is LIVE – Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

Music by Myuu – www.youtube.com/myuuji

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    1. ELADESOM last game with a proper rush mode was BFBC2, multiplayer was designed for that mode and its maps too, but after that rush became lame and maps are too small full of choke points…

    1. @Killershootin 69 thats because us brits bought thousands off you guys after dunkirk, as we thought it would be clever to start a war without a subgun

    2. @Ahmet Yucel not sure if anyone said this but the intention was to give more attention towards the earlier battles. Hence why the campaign is set in stuff like Norway as its lower key

    3. ​@Phil Conway Actually if you read, I actually backed up why tommy gun is in the game and m1 garand is not. Also, I complained directly about the decision making the updates in chronological order. I didn’t complain about the weapons not being in the game.

  1. After 6 months abroad I can’t wait to come back home and play BFV. Sometimes you need to make some distance before appreciating something.

    1. Couldn’t play bfv the whole summer… it sucked, I left my ps4 in barcelona and went to my family’s for 4 months.. get back on it because I missed a ton of fun haha

    1. Wet Borgers Yeah, but it was a cover of Warlock the Rippers cover. It’s also the same version used for the creepy pasta Jack the Killer

    1. I enjoy it for little bits at a time. I get bored after about 3 hours but usually come back to it. They’ve turned it around these days but still I’d say a 7/10

    1. Zeekiz
      Battlefest you meant, why it needed to be saved? You did not liked the Abba here we go again Greece maps?
      We did get so many great content!
      I did only pay $59 on launch….

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