Tekken 7: Zafina Guide with UYU | YUYU

earn by taping


And/or smash bell!

A Zafina guide by Zafina OG, UYU | YUYU.

0:23 – Character Overview
0:54 – Movement + Stances
1:51 – Top Moves
5:10 – Rage
6:16 – Combo Examples
7:33 – Demonstration Match

Thanks to UYU for making this video possible!
UYU Youtube:

YUYU on Twitter: @YUYU_FGC
Team UYU on Twittter: @UYU_GG
Gerald on Twitter: @CoreAGaming


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  1. Is it me or is her right arm incredibly thinner then her left. I’m not bashing or anythung I’m just legitimately concerned if she has a condition or something.

    1. I thought it was lighting/video not at higher resolution, then look properly and it is. Hopefully it isnt a condition, like other person posted could just be the muscle in her left arm is bigger from using joystick

  2. In the first 20 seconds of the guide im allready at a loss from that mix up. (i thought shes gona use the stick on the left not the invisable one from the front. Damn.

  3. I took notes: YuYu really likes tarantula!
    This greatly improve my match up knowledge, thanks a lot for this tutorial, it was very useful

  4. Well this is interesting, but I stopped playing tekken 7 for a long time. I was interested because I saw yuyu using zafina in a tournament.

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