Forza Horizon 4 – Bugatti Divo | Gameplay

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A freeroam drive in a Bugatti Divo on Forza Horizon 4
0:07 Start Engine 💥
0:35 Launch Control (0-400)
0:35 Top Speed
0:43 Tunnel Sound 🔊
2:50 Launch Control in the City at Edimburgh

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Setup :
– Thrustmaster TX + 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Alcantara Edition
– TH8A Shifter
– Wheel Stand Pro v2

My Wheel Settings :

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    1. @White One juste spoil elle et nul a chier le goliath j’le fait en 8min50sec en x999 elle et nul a chier en agera rs j’le fait en 7min20sec grosse diff sachant qu’elle et specialiser en virages la divo trop decu mais bon

    1. Guys I see his point, most cars in forza are real production business class road cars. The divo looks like something out of a alien movie. So yea the car doesn’t suit the game in a certain sense

  1. Hi I’m looking to start a YouTube channel like yours and I’m wondering if you can give me any advice in terms of camera setup and stuff Thanks

    1. @White One cheap isnt always better than expensive. If your looking for a camera you want you want 60+ fps and 720 to 1080p and dont get a security camera.

    2. If u want to upload gameplays of races or other just record the screen and your face if u want, but don’t choose an expensive camera a cheap webcam is better
      And if u wanna record a gameplay with a wheel, choose a Logitech wheel, that’s the best <3

    1. @Extreme Wolf Its Not A Mod Its Next Week 50% And He Just Went To His Xbox Date And Changed It To Next Week And Claimed It Offline ( I Guess U Get Banned For It )

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