FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox One Playoffs – Day 2

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The Round of 32 and Round of 16 of the Global Series Xbox Playoffs kick off live in Hamburg. Who will be the last 8 players standing?

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  1. I don’t like the way Spencer talks about Kurt, yes he’s very confident but most of the things he says are sarcastic. Spencer talks really negatively about him in a pretty bad tone IMO

    1. @Julian 554 abusing overpowered mechanics isn’t skill, to me is being a coward, breaking down your opponent with propper skill, and by skill I don’t mean croaueta spam. Kurt breaks opponents with great and fast passing and creates clear opportunities to score inside the box. It takes some skill gap, not like reaching 30 meteres from goal and doing a first time shot or a volley, or going down the wing for a tornado cross, lol most people rely on broken mechanics to cover for this lack of hability, and don’t even get me started on drop back… And constant pressure with players running with empty stamina bars is no better… Broken game…

  2. selling my 10m team. tots ronaldo tots eriksen tots quagriella tots can tots izzo tots alisson tots schulz otw cancelo flashback david luiz and base icon cruyff. A very strong bench as well (cavani tots).Dm me for offers @adamabbas17

  3. Ich weiss nicht wie man so dreckig lügen kann wie EA? Jeder Blinde weiss das dieses Patent auch online greift und selbst bei sicher geglaubten Spielen plötzlich komische Dinge passieren!

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