FIFA 20 Live Reveal – EA PLAY 2019

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Watch all the trailers revealed during EA Play:

See more live reveals:
Full Schedule:
9:30 PT – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
10:00 PT – Apex Legends
10:30 PT – Battlefield V
11:00 PT – FIFA 20
11.30 PT – Madden 20
12:00 PT – Sims 4

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    1. Yeah I saw that but we weren’t even given any details. Hopefully they don’t just say we got new animations when negotiating a signing lol

    2. More realistic signings, more cutscenes from press conferences, dressing room, signings and awards. Make it FEEL like winning the CL, not just the same confetti as allways. Interwievs with players. Make FUT an own game or add on.

    1. airanator1212  no it isnt. The objectiv of the game is to make the game the more realistic possible right? Thats why it is called a simulator. That things that i mentionate put the game more realistic. And they should also add Loan with buy option

      Edit:Edit: better press conferences, the texts are so bad and with mistakes

    1. @Xotxof u dont have a single sub if i was as much of a Looser like you id rather kill my self or just stfu no one watches your videos i have more subs than you without a video

  1. I’ve discovered what is going on. The director of fifa is an double agent from Konami, so every year he tries to destroy the franchise, step by step

    1. And the director of Konami is a double agent from EA sports because they could surpass fifa 1 year ago but they don’t do it for lazyness.

    1. Are they gonna keep it real and make the females less powerful than the male characters? Or am i gonna be getting barged off the ball by a girl

  2. “The fifa team has a lot more to reveal, including career mode and pro clubs”

    Me: OH SNAP, finally. Low key getting hyped

    “And because we all know you wanna talk about it, ultimate team”

    Me:…… Hypes dead

    1. Caio Cesar fifa 17 and 18 felt different fifa 19 was basically fifa 18 1.2 and this fifa will most likely be the same so call it FIFA 18 1.3 with champions league and street football, and no changes to career mode

    1. @Players Freedom I just want a whole new game. Not just an update for 40 dollars… I pay it every year for the same game.

      20 is a beautiful number to just fully recreate the game and add complete new gameplay. Of course they don’t have to recreate the game every year, but since fifa 15 I am playing the same fifa, over and over again every year!

    1. @MINECRAFT GAMER 6921 Lol 1.
      a quick-moving Italian dance popular during the 16th and 17th centuries
      a piece of music written for or in the rhythm of this dance, in triple time

    1. Faisal Khan that’s what they’re trying to imply dumbass. PES does a better job on that. It’s just without the licenses then it’s not a game people want. You talk like you use 1% of your brain, go play some offline fifa to make yourself think you’re good.

    2. What do you guys want? Do you want to control real life players? Lol i mean come on its just a game you all are gonna buy it anyway so stop crying babies. Still a better game than shitty pes game.

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