FIFA 20 | FIFA Global Series is back!

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The FIFA 20 Global Series is back! Witness the best competitors from around the world break new ground as the new season kicks off on Twitch on November 8 with the FUT Champions Cup Stage 1.

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    1. Given the care with which they handle personal information, I wouldn’t trust them to organise a piss up in a brewery yet alone run an e-sport tbh.

  1. Imagine having Kurt on this promo.
    By banning him, I really think EA have shot themselves in the foot. Many people won’t watch because of it, myself included.

  2. Ea screw u we all now what u did to kurt .Un ban him now.All the guys in this vids talk good about ur game when its trash.Kurt was just saying the truth.Nothin can hide it.You banned kurt and no one will ever forget that

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