Apex finally added this…

earn by taping


Apex Legends duos mode is now live and jolly good fun. They've also added a firing range, buffed Crypto and more! Let's play and take a good look at everything new. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Wait. I haven’t really seen a knockdown shield like that before at 8:07 – That’s new right? That dome kinda thing protecting the sides

    1. They recently updated the visuals for the knockdown shield to actually reflect what parts of you they cover, it’s still the same item

    1. Lol, I wondered why I could keep hearing things like “taking damage” and “I’m down brother” during matchmaking. Hahaha! I hope I get this bug.

    1. BIG Qgamer the exact same thing happened to me. I heard punching when loading the map and I was downed flying in the fetal position haha

    1. @ForeverAGoat yea I had friends before they either died or showed they’re true colors and really weren’t my friend so I pass on that idea bruh

    2. @Spectrum16 Only 3 legends were really viable and 3rd partying happened a lot. All the power to you if you did enjoy it but I really didn’t enjoy the experience.

  2. I just won a game with lifeline by dropping my sheild when there was an emp and soloing the last squad of 3 w the wingman r99..

  3. I like the duo mode since on more than one occasion that’s what you play when the noob and impatient quits. Also survived till top 3 with a random many times only to get dunked on by a 3 man team so this is just perfect.

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