Best Pocket Sniper – Jungle Carbine Review | Battlefield V

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    1. BF1 launched amazing. BF4 launched like an Alpha, but still was amazing. BF5 launched like a game made by amateurs. Can you really look at how the character models just themselves move even in these new maps that this game is being improved? How can games like BF Bad Company 2? BF3? BF1943 look better so many years ago than the crap that they released with bf5??

    2. Nick930 I agree but what some people forget is BFV imo is in the same situation that BF4 was in but in time it will be a much greater game than it already is.

    3. Nick930 Yo what up!! I watch your Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Documentary videos, but yeah. The Pacific Theater was a very good win for BFV, and I hope DICE can keep this up so Levelcap can keep uploading.

    4. Agreed. Was getting close to just unsubscribing because he was drifting away from Battlefield in favor of the World of Warship stuff.. nothing wrong with it… just not what i’m interested in learning about. But looks like DICE is slowly fixing this game, as they seem to do with every battlefield this generation (BF4.. BF1.. etc) I’m sure BF6 will release.. everyone will hate it… say BFV was a masterpiece.. then they’ll fix it and Battlefield 7 will come out 2 years later..

      Round and round we go again!

    1. @tidge879 no the arisaka is simplicity and efficiency defined lol. And of course somebody is gonna say they are based on the mauser but honestly they are “based” on several things. It’s better to say they took some inspiration from mauser.

    2. it’s actually one of the few bolt actions of the time that wasn’t based on the Mauser. The Lee action was older than the “contemporary” Mauser action.

    1. @Jayton Hawkins I honestly didnt check that, so you’re 100% right. But mow that I think about it, that’s how a carbine should be. So it is just my opinion that its corresponding sniper variant should be buffed.

    2. @hellogoodbye40 It’s not better at range than the No. 4. The jungle carbine has a massive damage drop off compared to the No.4.

    3. @Jayton Hawkins U rite but when the medic carbine is better at range than the sniper counterpart then it’s the sniper rifle that’s gotten the nerf end of the shaft

    4. It makes no sense in real life, but in a video game it makes perfect sense. Medics are up close and personal, so they’re gonna get a buff in close-medium range and a nerf at long range.

  1. I’ve been using this weapon with the revolver and if I’m the Japanese I never retreat. It’s been extra fun getting over run and fighting to the death.

  2. Really enjoying the Jungle Carbine myself. Hopefully, when DICE releases the Eastern Front we’ll get a Mosin carbine for the Medic class.

  3. Been using this gun a bit and gotta day it’s great, gives me flashbacks to bf1 RSC as medic or that mod range medic role they had in bf1

  4. me: *hears car•byne*
    also me: I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

  5. Yes I absolutely love this gun and knew I would before its release. I actually prefer to use it on Iwo Jima than PS but that’s me. One criticism for you though is that it isn’t a straight pull bolt action. Nor are the other two carbines. I know you must have been thinking of BF1s mechanic on staying scoped. So I’ll forgive you this time 😉

  6. Ahhh I just remembered the enjoyable old days when LV uploads a video about BF4, was so hyped up, I don’t know why this kind of feeling does not exist anymore in me.

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