Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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    1. @furyberserk Your point about redirection is pretty interesting as it can turn the tables in this match. DB said that Mob’s absorption had a much weaker limit than Tatsumaki’s attacks, but what i dont recall them addressing is Mob’s ability to channel psychic energy into nature itself. He should have been able to control the plant life of a whole country if he was syphoning off of tatsumaki the whole fight like he should have been 🙄😂

  1. Death battle: “This was so close he could probably win like 40% of the time”

    Also Death Battle: “She can casually hit him with a force thousands of times greater than his shown limit.”

    Me: ????

    1. also for those who believe deathbattle isn’t wrong on analysis ever… Vergil vs Sephiroth is a good example, they mentioned how Yamato (Vergil’s sword) couldn’t cut dante’s sword and a common rocket launcher. All without explaining that in the game you fought Vergil before this cutscene and later is even said in the very same cutscene he has gotten weak from fighting. On top of that they never discussed what Yamato did in DMC4… a devilless Dante cut down a giant demon door that took up a quarter of a city and did it in 1 cut effortlessly… yet they state Vergil is on par with Dante and yet apparently a devil Vergil can’t make a similar cut that a deviless Dante did… its a bit obvious as well since they never showed footage of the event happening and probably assumed Vergil wasn’t in the story of dmc4 so it was pointless to look into.

    2. It’s them trying to be nice. I love Mob but the only way he’s getting the W is if he fights her after she takes on Golden Sperm and the Homeless King.

    3. “we don’t show how he could win 40% of the time”….. so u mean to tell me 60% of the time a just so happened meteor casually close enough to the earth for some random bs reason and it was in her range to control?

  2. While I am disappointed with the outcome, I’m did enjoy the fight–

    :Sees next fight:

    …Oh HELL no! Screw this, I’ll be in another reality…though even that probably won’t be enough.

    1. bill cipher: oh no im not letting you enter my dimension kid this is my domain those guys can fight in there own reality this place is where i rule
      btw tatsumaki feats are way better than mobs

  3. *For Once, a Bully Actually Wins.*
    _Next Day…_
    Teacher: Write an Essay or What You Think About Bullies.
    *Well I Know What To Write Now..*

  4. 6:35 Looking at it like that and, taking into account that Mewtwo manipulated the clouds into a storm covering the entire world.

    1. @Thomas takes a toll for the dark Uh, no. He doesn’t control the wind. He’s a telekinetic. He’s not controlling the wind when he flies or throw a person. He’s telekinetically moving them

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