Are These Pokémon Leaks Real?! | DEATH BATTLE Cast #152

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This episode is sponsored by Mint Mobile (Cut your wireless bill to 15 bucks a month at ) and Manscaped (Get 20% off and free shipping with code CAST at ). This episode aired November 5, 2019. On the behind the scenes of Mob VS Tatsumaki, Luis explains the complexity and different 2D styles used in the fight animation. Also, the crew react to the absurd "leaked" new Pokemon.
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    1. #Yoshi. Yoshi would win due to more strength and him being strong enough to take an explosion to the moon. Which means he’s as tough as Donkey Kong

  1. Spoiler for next fight

    So this means Deadpool is the only combatant to have been in a 3D, a sprite and now hand drawn fight. Damn dude

    1. Others with 2 appearances (not counting remakes, rematches and remasters)
      Shadow T Hedgehog

      Can’t remember any others at the moment. Will edit if someone thinks of one.

  2. Actually here’s a question regarding the analysis, now that we’ve perfectly established speeds for lightning, how do you guys determine which speeds to use, i.e. the two different lighting attacks used in Naruto vs Ichigo and Roshi vs Jiriaya?

    1. @jeb bryant If the return stroke doesn’t start and the end of the lightning and goes towards its origin, then it isn’t actually the return stroke is it?
      And the assumption that a certain part of the lightning has a certain real life lightning speed is kinda depended on the fact that lightning works like in real life. If it didn’t, how would we know the speed is the same as real life lightnings?

    2. @Tauben you say that but there’s literally no reason to think fictional lighting works the way real lighting does so if a character somehow dodged the return stroke that just means lighting works differently in that verse

    3. @LittleZbot Wouldn’t the reverse stroke start at the target and flow towards the lightning source, though? How could that be dodged, without dodging the stepped leader first?

    4. The reverse flash is what causes the bright flash and the damage, so if someone were to move out of the way of a FLASH of lightning, it’s the higher number (220 Million MPH), but if it’s a jagged line, it’s the lower (224k MPH) number.

    1. @KingJ Gamer regardless of anyone else replying to you. I like your outlook of mob being more versatile and enigmatic being why he’s a formidable opponent in this match

    2. @KingJ Gamer really because you didn’t mention not finishing the series seems like you’re backtracking on what you originally said

    3. @jeb bryant No, it’s that Mob had more versatility, durability (thanks too shield) and more undefined limits thanks to his most powerful form being ???%, how do you define the difrence between 100% and ???%? The thing holding ???% back is how that limit wasn’t showing anything around Tatsumaki’s power.

    1. @Bloom Nightgleem well since there are no source of what they’re capable of combat wise and won’t be until a good while it’s not easy to figure out just off the bat.

    2. Bloom Nightgleem Zacian might have an edge, just cause of its typing. I won’t say what the combination is compared to Zamazenta, as to not spoil the games, it that is my take.

  3. For a remastered Death Battle I recommend Godzilla vs Gamera, as I heard you guys had to rush that one due to technical problems

    1. it was good and godzilla would definetly win, you could argue that godzilla 2019 cant take a fall from orbit but 2019 is probably to violent and powerful for gamera to lift and his beam is absolutely massive

  4. No, mew was not playing around the whole fight… he was actively dodging attacks and when he did got hit, his attitude and demeanor changed and was actually trying to beat mewtwo which it was a very close fight with no clear winner.

    1. Let’s not forget mew has Transform, ultimate wild card

      However I voted for mewtwo in the poll cuz I like his lesson he learned in the movie. And he’s one of the best sprites of legendaries in most games.

      I AM NOT knocking Mew at all I love Mew and its carefree adorableness

    1. The only other thing…… *cuts to trailer and see two familiar and controversial symbols, then in big text…* Goku vs Superman 3

  5. this fight it really felt like mob would win if he was proberly trained or if tatsumaki wasn’t trained it’s literly a power vs statergy style of debate

  6. …Well. That was an episode. The BTS of the recent Death Battle was good in how so much detail and accuracy were put into the fight. The Pokemon topic was interesting in how the Pokedex brought up some weird design choices for the next-gen. I am fine if it is true or not. Lastly, the CoDB. It was okay. The next one was also okay, but more curious. Overall, a decent episode with a strong start.

    Question To ScrewAttack members: Are there any CoDB you want to do? If so, what are they?

    Question To Attackers/G1’s: What are your thoughts on the leak?

  7. Mewtwo has higher stats AND can mega evolve on his own for even more stats, but the most important part is HE NEVER SLEEPS!!

  8. So Deadpool vs. The Mask is going to hand drawn animation, which I really love the hand drawn animation battle and the best hand drawn animation battle is Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai

  9. Can you Rooster Teeth guys make a T-shirt. With Wiz and Boomstick saying “This was a close fight”. Because there were some close winners this half of the year.

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