Bring a Sword to a Gunfight | Battlefield V Live Gameplay

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    1. This game is still S**t! The character models look terrible and its ZERO fun. BF1943 looked and played 100% better than this dribble and it was released how years ago? Heck, Bf1 is amazing compared to this turd they keep serving us. BF2, BFBC2, BF3, BF4 were amazing games.

  1. It would be cool to see faction specific animations with the katana, like a more trained hand for the Japanese and a rough unskilled swordsman when a US soldier picks it up

    1. Bro just be grateful that we got the pacific in this year, cmon it’s like you don’t know what game you’re talking about.

      …would be cool tho

    1. @chadgrov katana is the exact opposite of a flamethrower. With flamer it’s okay to go into a frontal attack, just make sure that the distance is minimal before revealing yourself. With the katana you have to be stealthy as a ninja. You should either creep up from the side or the back, or use your main gun to survive until you can close the distance. I suggest taking the assault or medic with the most precise and long range automatic weapon possible. For assault it would be both StGs and perhaps Garand. For medic it’s Type 100 or MP-40. Use smoke grenades as your grenade choice since you won’t have your gadget. If you manage to get to a bunker you’ll slice everyone. Make sure to not get killed by then.

    2. Try using it on a breakthrough. Make sure to stick to your team while assaulting a bunker. I recommend sneaking from a blindspot and going through the roof hatch if possible. I made a 6 kill streak with this tactic.

  2. When u get the katana use left mouse button or L2 on conceal to have more distance but u are not as fast when u swing it is 100% better

  3. Dice nailed the atmosphere on Iwo Jima. I was capping a cave and a Japanese with a sword charged at me and my adrenaline surged as I had to quickly hip fire to drop him. I can only imagine what the real battle was like for the American soldiers during a bonsai charge

  4. Im actually enjoying this game again since Underground, Iwo Jima and pacific storm were added. I have hope now that EA and dice can pull a bf4 / battlefront2 save and turn the tables for this game.

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