Planet Zoo Livestream – VIDEO LAG FIXED!!!- 7th Nov 2019

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  1. 7:34 “I’ve got to compare him”. And what does the “Compare Mates” button do? Not exactly that? I mean, you can quickly click through all males in there…

    EDIT: ah, you don’t even need to click through the males. The list shows genes in nice way.

  2. What Happened! I finally make a stream and start my Patreon support. But video lag, Vsync problems. I had to go to work and when I come back the first hour is gone. I demand compensation, I want a Train in TPF 2 when you start to play!

  3. All your breeding problems can be solved by using contraceptives for the animals. there is a icon in the upper right when you click on a animal for a birth control pill. Put all the lemurs you don’t want breeding on the pill and only have the top lemurs breeding with each other. That will solve your overcrowding and breeding problem. This can be done with any of the animals

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