STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order – 10 Things You NEED To Know

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is releasing soon, and we have tons of information to keep you caught up.

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  1. People getting salty about being good or evil. I just want a good story star wars game honestly. I’m fine with being good. I’m fine with being evil. To me it’s how they make the story and gameplay. If this does well maybe we can get a KOTOR style game

    1. that’s what im saying!! we can’t just keep going back to the well because nostalgia feels good. just gimme a good game, man!!

    2. @Daniel Richards uh if you saying that to me. Then sure ig if your comment is 5+ plus ago. I watch vids then comment what comes to my mind. I dont intend to copy what people said

    1. @Dr. Rick Titball yeah I know, the exploring on different planets could add about 15 hours if you explore everything, it could probably go up to 20-25 hours of more playtime! But that depends on how many planets there will be, so far we only have 4 confirmed planets.😁

    2. WondanZondan thats just the story but there will be much planets and like some people played 3 hours and only 10 procent in 1 planet

    3. It is confirmed by Respawn that the story will be 13-16 hours, you can look at their site! I personally think it is to short, but I will buy it anyways😁

  2. With all the random pictures of guys falcon puts in his videos, I feel like one of them are actually him. Kind of like an Easter egg. Because you know…gamer stuff.

    1. @ZeeManCan Ah yes, because the only reason people like those games is the combat…Not to mention this looks 10x more stiff and shallow than even the most basic soulsborne combat system.

    2. It’s a souls borne star wars game. It’ll play like games such as blood borne, dark souls, Sekiro, code vein , remnant of the ashes and the surge. If you liked those games. Youll like this.

    1. These replies would make this comment a great diverse outcome for a social experiment; absolutely unrelated to the video we are viewing.

  3. Ummm, “disparity between minimum and recommend isn’t to much” have you seen the difference between a 650 and a 1070? *gulp* that’s a wiiiiiide swathe of ocean there buddy…

  4. but can i turn my light saber on and off whenever i want or does it just turn on when combat starts/dark areas lol
    need to know for reasons. What no Im not gonna just stand there turning it on and off for 10 mins straight

    1. Movies: We can show dismemberment in movies that are for the whole family.

      Games: THINK OFBTJE CHILDREN! Also, ignore the fact that you are killing countless people. Killing isn’t bad, but lopping off an arm is too graphic. Also, don’t think too much about the giant spiders that might give young kids nightmares, you can chop them to pieces all you want.

  5. Falcon: “the disparity between minimum and recommended isn’t too huge, …the game is probably going to perform well as long as you hit minimum…”
    2 second earlier: Min GPU GTX 650, recommended GPU GTX 1070 (a card 6-7X faster)

    1. It has to be a mistake. Is the minimum really a card that was average 5 years ago before the development of the game even began? How can that be? Unless they have included options to turn off pretty much everything off in the graphics I don’t see it running on a 650.

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