The BEST Counter To Scorpions Teleport! – Mortal Kombat 11: “Shao Kahn” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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    1. First comment, i really love your content and i need this to be an anti scorpion mains, because they are all average but think they are better than the rest of us

    1. Everyone in this comment section is stupid. Since scorpions first hit in his teleport is a lie you can always uppercut because the amplified mid is slow. Some characters even have a fast enough mid to punish the gap with a full combo.

    1. @Zeroakamega they gnna do it like nightwolf. A young version, an older version with the white streak in her hair, and a revenent version. That’s why the very very first pic of sindel didn’t have the white streaks, BC she was young but then I saw a more older sindel with the white in her hair BC she was older.

  1. You humiliated that “YungAlly206” like never before. Mans probably won’t pick up his controller anymore from now on 💀💀

  2. As a scorpion player, I only teleport once I’ve got my opponent stuck in a a combo, meaning they have to air escape. The only time a teleport should be used on its own, is to counter projectile zoning, jumping or interrupting a really slow string

    1. I don’t rage quit.
      Anyways. That’s a true SCORPION player right there. normally scorpions have no skill. Since they always do the EASIEST high damage combo in the game.
      Aside from Noob

  3. it’s sad how many people in this game get to level 50 playing like the guy at the end of the video. he literally doesn’t even know how to use his defensive meter. just down 2.

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