NIKO on the FaZe Slump? – ESL Pro League Season 10

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The FaZe Clan has not been able to reach their peak performance in the last few tournaments.
We've spoken to in-game leader Niko about the new roster and how to get back to the very top.

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  1. They put the personification of failure on being the in-game leader though the roster changes to confess? Right now it seems to me Niko= Scream with a team

  2. Honestly the line up should’ve been Niko Guardian Rain Xzist and Cold shame that Faze decided to keep Olof rather than Xzist and that Guardian left for Navi

  3. Like.. Niko should .. like .. stop being like an in game leader .. like to get back into his like.. top form .. like you know what I’m saying right

    1. Kartik Karajgikar it’s factual he was igl in his prime time in mouz with all the plays. When he gave it up for chrisj then it didn’t work which ended up making him leave mouz for faze

    2. @Darwish Akmar could be true too but from what I think gob b and spiddi were igls during his tenure , anyways I always feel if he’s free from igl duties he can make magic happen in the server , his current form is quite good

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