Battlefield 5 Performance problems

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Battlefield V does not run well at all for some people. Stutters, FPS inconsistency and more. Let's discuss and look at some possible solutions for you. Hopefully this helps! NEW T-Shirt: Check out Battlenonsense here: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Shouldn’t have a problem like this in 2019… like really need to close down Chrome to make the game better, it feels like 2009 when i needed to get better fps in minecraft by closing everything.

    1. @Thewalk4756 same I used to have a stutters once in a blue moon but now every game I’ll get stutters that are 5seconds apart

  2. yes i found 8 months ago, the standby memory cleaner fixed all my stuttery issues on multiple pcs and different specs. great fix, but such a stupid problem.

    1. I know it sounds stupid but I found that reinstalling the game helps a lot. Like uninstall>reboot>install after each update. I don’t know how these patches are being applied but it looks like it’s not working right. Same goes for GPU drivers.

  3. Oh wow this is news to me. I actually thought performance has been better than ever since the pacific update. Hope they get it sorted out for those affected.

  4. I started to have stuttering problems after the latest update on PS4. I also keep losing connection with servers and it’s not an internet issue!

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