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Cyberpunk 2077 gets new details, a surprising new game trailer surfaces, Metroid Prime remastered rumors, and a new Tony Hawk game round out a week of gaming news.
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Cyberpunk stuff



VR in cows

More Tony Hawk?

Insane game trailer – Plan 8

Rockstar on GTA Online

Black Friday round up

Metroid Prime trilogy?

RIP Steam controller

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    1. @Ethan Bligh yes, same thing I noticed, I hate to see Jake paraphrase the words of a spokeperson so that it brings more attention to the matter.

    2. Why don’t you guys do giveaway in Asia man… That sucks… Anyway you guys are awesome… And if you every consider this comment… Please give a shout-out or something dude, come on I have been watching you since you had like 3 million subscribes and also it’s great to see your work grow over time anyway 💛

    3. CYBERPUNK 2077 Customized in game soundtrack please. Allow the player to play tracks from personal library in certain places of the game i.e MyCyber Radio channel….please!!!!!! Please someone send CD Projekt Red a message. What happened to this feature in games?

    1. DavyDave1313 Your PC probably doesn’t even have good specs. A base Xbox One and PS4 can still blow your grease machine out of the water.

    1. *hears about the most anticipated game to be announced in decades having microtransactions* URGH!!! *frustrated facepalm* I’m still hopeful. *sigh*

    1. flying cars are totally real…..but theres no way to regulate the traffic…….imagine millions of flying cars in the air…..people are better off driving on the ground

    2. @THE ONE it’s because up until now electricity was very scarce back then. it would be very difficult if not impossible to sustain electric cars years ago

    1. Penis Size (or TMI) with the following formula:
      Length times Diameter plus Weight over Girth divided by Angle of the tip squared

    1. Main story is shorter then Witcher 3. So it’s less then 50 hours only of the main story. Any extra staff like side quests are another 50 hours.

  1. The only problem with micro transactions is when they are attached to a game that clearly was not made with love and only exists for a dollar

  2. Hope everyone who celebrates thanksgiving had a great day… and for those who go out on Black Friday, I hope you got some sick deals!! If your like me, and hate people… cyber Monday is right around the corner !

    1. @DurvalLacerda They pointed out ONE fairly shallow quest in a sea of deep and intriguing others, pretty sure they’re too stupid to remember most positive things.

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