1. بويه اذا نزل هيج تحديث 😂✌️بعد لعراقينن محد يلحكهم… لي يتوقع ينزل هذا لمود لايك

    1. *اخوي المود ينزل بعد شهرين او ثلاث اشهر حسب تواصلي مع سبورت ف تحيه لكل من يحمل احاديه ويقاتل ويلعب لعب نزيه*

  2. Working harder to improve the game that everyone downloaded it for, NO!!!
    Add a game mode that will be buggy and nobody will play it?

    1. ROXIS DIECAST you think you’re speaking for the player base as a whole but your not. I’m sure most players have decent devices.

    2. @ROXIS DIECAST and what do people want? Updates and optimizations, not skins, that’s a given. They’re listening, but the game dies quicker if they don’t put out content this frequent, they’re making the good updates while they give out minor ones. And it’s not like the things we want are never going to come in the future, right?

    3. @DrDpr ok, it isnt just bugs, it is just that they dont understand what the most people want, they should listen to their fans because they are the ones keeping the game alive

    4. @ROXIS DIECAST We could never cyber bully them enough to make them work at the pace we like. You have to wait and have faith. It’s not like they’re adding bugs intentionally. It’s hard to be a video game dev, doing optimizations (from low end to high end phones), adding features to follow up with updates just to prepare for the next one, and there’s always people being impatient about updates. Tencent doesn’t only maintain one game. Just save up for a better device.

    1. @SpoobyHD oh yesit will. If you have skill you will ahve massive advantage. Like i said before is you played on 120 fps you cant play on 60 fps.

    1. @sachin bisht 16.0 se to yeh sab mode downloadable bana denge,nahi karunga download. Waise bhi Infection nahi khelta thaa. Aur PUBG Mobile ,Pubg pc ka too much copy kar rahe the,to isiliye ku6 naya banaya..

    2. @Avishek D Bhai tumne pubg pc khela hai na usme aise utpatang mode nhi hai tu khud hi Soch bnde car or jeep mein Beth kr jinme machine gun lgi hui hai usse ek dusre ko maar rhe Hain ye to him erangle map mein roj krte Hain na pubg valon ke pass aur Kuch nhi hai isliye vo ye mode daal the hain

  3. *More bullshit!* Instead of bringing improvements and optimization in the game they create bland useless game modes. 👎🏽

    – *This is no longer PUBG.*

    *Mais besteira!* Invés de trazer melhorias e otimização no Game criam modos de jogo inúteis sem graça.. 👎🏽

    – *Isso não é mais PUBG*

    1. @matheus Souza Sim esse foi o melhor modo que eles colocaram e retiraram pra por essas porcarias na real o modo Hard Core deveria ser o modo principal ranked!

      Lembro que fizeram uma enquete no YT se agente queria ver o modo Hard Core como modo principal e teve quase 100% dos votos.. eles estão nem aí para os players o que importa pra Tencent é a Grana tenho ctz que esse modo vai vim com algum tipo de monetização.

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