10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of November 2019

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November 2019 was full of wild and crazy video game news stories. Here's what we found.
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  1. Kojima has always wanted to make films, but he got into making games in order to pay for college. This probably explains why his games are very cinematic, and story driven.

    1. Well he smoked too much weed in college and now his games are confusing, weird, and probably good if you’re stown’d out of your noodle.

  2. i grew up on a small dairy farm and our cows had great lives but now the farms are mostly concrete slabs where the cows never go outside or see grass and just walk to the milking parlor and back to their huge open concrete slab.

    1. @Zei Kul it’s good to hear that, here in Western Europe you don’t see that many cows anymore, I’m not saying there aren’t any outside but there are a lot of mega stables which are basically cow factories. For every cow you do see there are loads locked away. Also farmers found out that it’s more profitable to let the grass grow then harvest it and sell it. Cows trample a lot of the grass not all gets eaten. By harvesting the yield is much higher. They feed their own cows and have something to sell that’s left over.

    2. Maybe in different states things are different but during the spring, summer and fall here I see cows outside all the time. I think the cows get milked inside and have indoor places they can be but it’s not like they never go outside. Not trying to argue cows are living the life of luxury either of course. I just see cows every single time I drive in the country during the day and I do that a lot.

    3. Dragon800 I’m trying to support smaller farms that let their livestock graze in open fields. Better for the animals and better food.

    1. tfw autistic teenagers who are uninteresting af almost gets top comment everytime for no other reason than their profile picture because boys these days are like girls and like “cute and cuddly things” and needs to take testosterone injections to live

  3. Hey man thank you for featuring my content! Will definitely start checking out your other videos as this was extremely well put together. Have a good one!

    1. Yeah there is definitely any y sounds in their at all…. it’s not German. Its British, Chinese owned, but English. Like 2 minutes of preliminary research, and, you’ve mentioned the game before on the channel and said it properly. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. Unimaginative Username He’s a gamer and she manages a women’s gaming team, so my reaction was “office romance.” They met at work.

  4. When I see a gamer account spend 1.4 million on stuff like that. I automaticily think money laundering. Especially when many of those game companies are located in countries where that crime is endemic.

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