DICE Reverting 5.2 Changes? – This Week In Gaming | FPS News

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  1. Fof MW2019 the entire battle pass system was leaked n yes the two guns are available at 15 & 31 for everyone thus keeping their promise as they said they would

    For GR Breakpoint they release the survey results showcase what people and in a nutshell it’s gonna be like a normal ghost Recon game as part of their support plans in 2020

    And some guy leaked most likely actual dev kits for the PS5 earlier today and those images might be removed sooner or later

  2. You said everything in the cod pass can be earned for free or by paying, Thats not the case.

    Its a premium track and a free track.

    1. @thirteensoft How are they hating?
      They just proposed the idea of a game that was obviously and objectively horrendous at launch by all definition’s being all that it is now but when it first released. That’s not hating that’s stating a hypothetical situation.

      I’m not hating bf4 by saying it was fucked on release and only got good months later, that’s not hate, I love the game, but it’s a fact it was broken at launch.

      Pointing out valid criticism and remarking on an initially bad result and hypothesizing on what it’d be like if they waited till it was a ready and complete game, that’s not hating in any way.

      Now if you were talking about the other thing they said, I don’t even know what game they were talking about, and all they did was ask if anyone’s playing it, that’s called a question not hating.

      So no matter what they weren’t hating. Maybe think more before saying nonsensical and reactionary things, it doesn’t look good to attempt to call someone out over something they didn’t even do. Assumption’s and projections aren’t very endearing or funny and they shine badly on those who initiate them.

      FYI not hating here just correcting and advising.

    2. Never bought it thankfully. I didn’t get metal gear survive or fallout 76 either. I know a sh|t game when I see one, even through the trailers.

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