Type 100 is a Monster in Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V introduced one of my best new guns, the Type 100 SMG! It's really fun to use and hipfire with. Let's take a look and see what specs work best! NEW Tee – Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. It can seem as if a nice reload animation can be lost in the blur of battle. But even if not consciously, a nice relaod animation at least unconsciously can make a gun feel more powerful to you.

    1. Blu piggles which is why the guns in cod feel extremely satisfying. It’s as if the operator actually knows what he is doing.

    1. Join my team. Every game my teammates are French. They told up and surrender so fast. It’s so frustrating not being on the better team, with awful team balancing.

    2. @Melvin Butters Imagine actually thinking like this unironically, thats American history for ya, raising little retards like this, sad.

    1. Then play medal of honor. Bring something new to ww2 games. Bring bastogne. Bring pearl harbor,battle of berlin,dogfights between the irish and germans, bring in the dutch,or even jewish resistance. Forget d day its been done by other games. Move on

  2. This gun instantly became one my favorite medic weapon when I came back for the pacific.

    I left soon after, and will come back when the BAR is released.

    It’s kind of sad for me. I used to play battlefield every single night for at least 3-4hrs with my friends. However with the huge lack of content releases for this game everyone I play with moved on to other games, and it’s just not fun to play this solo.

  3. Im so happy that you like the suomi-kp because im Finnish. I would like to see more of the Winter war content in this game tho. The winter war was between Finland and the Soviet Union

    1. @sam8404 nah man it was perfect. And thats really cool that you have seen the movie. May I ask how did you hear about it? Do you know someone from Finland maybe?

    2. I’d love to see the Winter War in BFV. I’ve been interested in that part of the war ever since I saw the movie The Unknown Solider/Tuntematon Sotilas. (Sorry if I butchered that Finnish)

  4. Love the little animation call outs Jack. Like you said, it’s those little things, that when you notice, just make you sit back and say “Hell yeah”. That attention to detail 👌

  5. Just started using it about a week ago I love that damn gun it’s the only gun that makes me switch from the assault class from time to time depending on the situation

  6. i just switched to this gun,it really is a monster,especially on medium range. this thing is like a laser beam compared to the suomi for me.

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