Arisaka Sniper – Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V recently introduced a VERY fast bolt action Sniper, known as the Type 99 Arisaka. It's fun to use and has a satisfying sound to it, let's play and take a look! NEW Merch – Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% off until 12/4 – Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. @Veloxy There are more than one type of gas system, you are right that the germans invented the assault rifle (though some would argue there are other contenders, the germans were first to to field a practical one in any significant numbers) however MajorLongDong is right that most modern assault rifles use the same gas system as the AR18/180 (180 being the semi auto version) there are exeptions ofcourse, as you said yourself the ak47/akm/ak74 use a different gas system and so does the AR15.

    1. Unfortunately the lunge mine will come in a later patch in 2020 because it’s currently not working properly, they forgot to remove it from the ToW πŸ˜‰

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