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Krimz broke the all time highest frag record in regular time on Lan at the ESL Pro League Finals in Odense!
Watch every single of his 47 kills in Fnatic's match against MIBR.

Ben van Kuringen – Do You

NOTO – No Rules

Barren Gates – Falling In Reverse (ft. VinDon) Instrumental

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    1. @我无法抗拒ICantResist Nifty’s 50 had more rounds of OT [was that the 60 round beast game or a different match, I’m old and forgetful, sry]

      Krimz has the absolute record for regulation time at 44, I think Nifty “only” managed 40 before OT, so they both hold a record…but I’m sure Freddy would rather have taken the map win with that performance than just playing a map like S1mple, godlike personally but ruined by team stupidity…

      …They repaid the favour on vertigo though as he managed 5 kills in first half

  1. “Krimz broke the all time highest frag record in regular time on Lan”. But they went into overtime right ? Am i missing something ?

  2. In all of these “best players of all time” articles Krimz often gets little to no recognition. He’s a beast though and really one of the few “oldies” to stand the test of time. Cheers to sweden!

  3. Most consistent Fnatic player ever. Always plays lights out CS and carries Fnatic.
    Sad that they still lost.
    Shows how CS in not am individual game but a team game. You need everyone to show up.

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