1. NAVI should be easy (based on their today’s performance against eg) so if we win fnatic we are on grand finals no prob
    at least i hope
    and of course we will lose severly to home soil best team in the world astralis (nerf them pls)

    1. Ali Johar lol imagine not reading my comments and making an assumption based on 2 sentences. I clearly stated I’m an astralis fan dude. Get with the program. I think s1mple is the best player in the world, and electronic is great, but the other 3 don’t stack up at a high level. Liquid has the better overall roster. And if u disagree well then maybe I’m not the delusional one in this conversation.

    2. Transparent Eclipse another deluded liquid fan that still believes his team is good because it had a good run of one or two months. We’ll just have to see come Saturday when it’s game time against Na’Vi. That is if your team even makes it, of course 😉

    3. Competitive Rager yeah I did notice liquid barely EVER use time outs and it did get me thinking. I don’t know much about Adren but if a liquid fan is telling me he’s trash I’m not surprised. Only makes sense considering what we are seeing. Its sad really, and yeah no I’m not a toxic eu fan, in fact I don’t even live in the eu, I live in an area where Counter-Strike is not a big thing, mostly bc the game itself is based off of where I live, at least in concept. That being said, I am an astralis fan bc they are the team I loved watching when I first started watching Counter-Strike, and I am a fan bc they don’t rely on individual performance or emotions, they rely on strategy, teamwork, stellar coaching, and smart plays and utility. We win bc we play smart and calculated, and this is exactly how I am in real life. In cs as well, my aim is not the best but I still play at an lem level with a peak of supreme, bc I play very smart and I’m usually able to win 1v2, 1v3, and rarely 1v4s or even I have won 7 1v5s before. Most of the being pistol rounds but still. Like u see xyp 1v2 clutch scenario on nuke for example. Xyp played much smarter than either liquid players, they only barely managed to squeak it out cause naf hit an extremely lucky wallbang. They rely on skill, astralis rely on their heads. This is why I am a fan, not bc I am from eu and I am just toxic. I just love good Counter-Strike. And astralis bring the best. And I see this very clear flaw in an otherwise nearly perfect team in liquid and it makes me sad, they could seriously be number 1. Must be hard being a liquid fan rn, hope everything works out.

    4. Ali Johar liquid is much better than eg. Eg was good at 1 event. Liquid have been good for months and months. I swear someone beats astralis 1 time and the fucking world turns upside down. Eg are maybe not even a top 5 team. And maybe they make it to the final, but it would have to be from simple and electronic playing at the best possible level, as well as the other 3 players just being serviceable as they always have been. Unlikely.

    5. Competitive Rager what do you mean by Na’Vi should be easy? They lost to EG’s pick and ran over them on their pick and the decider. They’re a tough team and have a great chance of making it to the final

  2. Liquid take WAAAAAAY too much time to execute plays when they get paranoid. When they rush astralis they win more than not. Their coach needs to be fired bc I think honestly they are more talented but they don’t have nearly the same results.

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