10 RIDICULOUS Secret Endings In Recent Games

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Many games have more than one ending, but some go the extra mile to surprise us. Some take tons of work, others take none at all. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. I see so many people pointing out that he said “ girlfriend “ instead of “ wife “ for days gone , and honestly It doesn’t really make a difference, it’s just a simple mistake guys, chill.

    1. in Metro: Last Light it was pretty easy but in Metro 2033 oh man so much sneaking also you had to do what dark ones told you in dreams

    1. @Chris Daley You care enough to comment, go about your day and live it well, because I CARE THAT HE WATCHED IT. The gentleman who make this content care you sweaty nutsack.

    1. @Daddy Kratos except the point of a spoiler warning is to tell me what games are being spoiled so I can leave if there is somthing I don’t want spoiled the list went by way to quick to do that

    2. @proxy90909 If you clicked on a video about ENDINGS TO GAMES. Then it’s pretty fucking fair to say it’s on you if something gets spoiled.

    3. @Daddy Kratos Jeezzz, I wasn’t complaining about spoilers.
      I had difficulty putting it on pause because it was really fast.
      I only wanted to mentioned it and not complain about anything.

  2. On the one hand I wanna hear my boy Falcon talk videogames; On the other I don’t wanna spoil the games I haven’t played yet.

    Oh, the dilemma! 😣

    1. Yeah… I’m big into speedrunning and still agree with its presence. Speedrunning does not have the audience speedrunners think it does.

    2. Dima Polianskiy None of these endings are a secret if even one person outside the developers knows about it. That’s not the point. The point is the ending wasn’t handed to you.

  3. 0:16 The Outer Worlds – 10
    1:29 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – 9
    2:45 Devil May Cry 5 – 8
    3:33 Kingdom Hearts 3 – 7
    5:20 Days Gone – 6
    6:35 Outer Wilds – 5
    7:39 Metro Exodus – 4
    8:48 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night – 3
    10:21 Dragon Quest Builders – 2
    11:28 Blasphemous – 1

  4. Blasphemous was amazing. I really don’t like metroidvania 2d games, but this one stuck out as completely unique. I went from a 2-minute demo at EGX, to buying the game, to buying the art book and soundtrack. Now I even have some official T shirts!

    The combat is fantastic; collisions are pixel-precise, movement feels snappy and there’s a tactical depth you get from having interchangeable passive buffs / weapon skills and spells. Like dark souls, a lot of the joy comes from learning enemies and when to block or slide-dodge, parry or whether to attack with a ranged spell, a fast slash, a combo or a special attack.

    I’ve never been so impressed by an indie kick starter before. More people should give it a try, as the developers are genuinely passionate and really good at their jobs–continuing to add content since the launch. A lot of games get compared to the original dark souls for one facet or another – but Blasphemous is the only game this year that takes the dark souls approach to storytelling and improves it,- making a world that has that unique, dark feel to it whilst doing more to stand out from traditional fantasy narrative.

    1. It’s disappointing. It’s only challenging if you get it with out any of the ng+ bonus, and even then getting repeats is annoying since you are supposed to die so the game just continues after you die…

    1. @John Sullivan it does look crappy compared to other PS exclusives. But really, the game is great considering how many devs worked on the game.

  5. I have a feeling that the developers put a secret ending into the game just to say Oh my game has a secret ending. even when that doesn’t make enay sense.

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