10 Half-Life 2 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Half Life is a legendary game series with tons of cool facts. Here's some stuff you might want to hear.
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    1. @Rey Max that’s correct, it would sell like water in the desert, but fans already created multiple spin-offs, mods, stories… The expectations are so high that maybe they’re afraid of ppl getting disappointed.
      But I agree, better release it now than never. Fans just want the story to be told in the best way they can do 😀

    2. I remember Gaben saying that they were waiting for the technology to advance a bit more cuz they have crazy ideas for HL3 but who knows anymore

    1. Exactly! I had this idea a while back for an open world HL game, and with leaks suggesting valve has tried and wants to make an RPG, it may very well happen 🙂

  1. Also when you go back and play half life 1 you realize Gordon freeman wasn’t liked or respected by his coworkers, the whole intro to the game is them making back handed comments, he was also a Guinea pig for that experiment that kicked off the game

    1. The scientists are also just kindve naturally uptight or degrading when they speak, with phrases like, “With my brains and your Braun we’ll make an excellent team.”

      Which may sound friendly but is kinda like saying hey im smart and you’re just dumb and strong.

    2. EX7RUD1CON pretty sure he was just late to work and people were a bit angry with him, the security guards actually tell him they’ll buy him a drink later, showing on a normal day he was liked

  2. I like how you showed a photograph of Chuck Jones, the man who created Bugs Bunny and all the Looney Tunes, and not Half-Life concept artist Chuck Jones.

  3. Just played the game for the first time ever this week, finished it yesterday. Loved every second of it- and great timing for a video!

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