Escape from Tarkov Silent Sniper

earn by taping


Escape from Tarkov sniping is very fun. I'm still learning how to play so any tips are welcome. Managed to find some sick gear in this video! NEW Merch: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Triscuit Dah Biscuit this isn’t a hand holding game it’s meant to be hardcore. So was dayz. Maybe these type of games aren’t for you. It doesn’t mean they’ll fail, a huge amount of people love these games. This games blowing up and dayz still has a very healthy player base. Everyone has their nuts kicked in at first, if you stick with it then it’s the most rewarding game you’ll ever play

    1. ChronikTV – Fat Cap Entertainment honestly me neither. All my tries to be friendly to a scav players ended up me being shot to the back.

    2. If it don’t have battlefield/cod Sprint to fire 00.0003 of a nanosecond gunplay withy YY ladder stall no scopes it’s clunky my friend.

  1. ive never seen things line up for someone so luckily in all my life , scav run gets a labs key card worth 180K , PMC run brings two primary weapons using the same ammo type ..kills a player who had no close range weapons to fight with … runs along coast in suicide land and meets a wiggling friendly player and kills him … swaps the 25/25 lvl 3 helmet for a level 2 awful one … runs into the maps boss area and finds a PMC lying prone who apparently has no ears to hear you running up on him .. one tap .. gear galore
    have not laughed at a tarkov video this much in a long time
    bring me more of this
    thank you <3

    1. Wasaur as a beginner my luck has been not so good. I’ve successfully extracted twice out of 30 or so raids. The only thing keeping me afloat is my alpha container.

    1. Yes there’s a way , different clothing and if it is a AI you can tell by it’s movements
      You get better at recognizing the more you play

    1. Its the most boring thing that likely wont ever be finished. Certainly isn’t anything like what it set out to be. Zones and bs rather than the one big city

  2. Other pmc: *wiggles to show friendliness*
    Jack: “why would he wiggle?”
    ok so basically sometimes if your on the same faction of other people they will wiggle or try to be friends with you. ITS VERY RARE THOUGH.

    1. @Cayden Gaming Ah, OK. I dont really play factory unless a mission requires it, but yeah, it makes sense to leave each other alone on factory.

    2. @Reginaldesq Yes and no, at least a few times a week a little wiggle has saved me and/or the other scav player from us shooting one another. More so on Factory than any other map.

    3. It was very common in Alpha, but, as more people got shot in the back by supposed “new friends” the practise went out of fashion 🙂

    1. And will probably never be officially released, not until everyone has already stopped playing and they use the “official release” as a last ditch effort to get people interested again.

    1. But the thing is, a Paca won’t protect you from anything, whereas a 6B13 Killa with the same durability will take M855A1 and you’ll be relatively okay. Even though two plates might have the same durability, it’s the type of rounds it’ll protect you from that matters because you will never know what somebody else will be running

    2. Would you rather have high protection for short-term like a shot or 2 or have a protection which will protect your from more then that? Because of higher durability 😛 armors gets used and they break better have low protection for longer then a single use high protection and then no protection after that… Seems dumb to me

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