I WANT MILEENA IN MK11! – Mortal Kombat X: “Mileena” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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  1. When YouTube demonize their videos: It doesn’t even look realistic

    Super: I wonder how they could make her look *with how realistic the game is*

  2. I personally don’t think she will make it in because kitana has her weapon, unless they give her a new weapon. I think they tried to replace mileena with skarlet in this game.

    1. @Madison Kohut naw Jade was highly requested she was going to make it in anyways she was up there with noob when it comes down to votes for characters

    2. @Krazy Tarkatan Skarlet is a good character, but Mileena is the warrior people want the most in Mk11, I agree with you 100%, but, It would be good with Skarlet and Mileena both in the game

  3. I feel like too much high demand for her to come back and they have to bring her back like they should put in Kombat pack 2 and if they don’t they will definitely bring her back MK12

    1. I would rather have ermac,smoke,rain, and reptile not like im gonna protest if she comes out but i want a couple better people first

  4. I have a theory: if she came back she would be revenant, her 1 Sai would be larger or turned into a Samurai, that’s a prediction 😊

    1. @Tuckzy’s GayMengYeah cloned version is popular, I like my theory too, if NRS could put Mileena in Mk11, I’m sure everybody will be surprised from hell, besides can’t wait to see KP2 reveal

    2. Dj Breland yeah I get that. It’s just that the clone idea seems to be the popular one and quite frankly the only one I’ve seen. Yours is interesting though. I like it.

    3. @Tuckzy’s GayMeng it can go different ways, NRS is creative, I’m pretty sure they have the ability to create Mileena better for Mk11

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