This is what it takes to win PUBG

earn by taping


PUBG giveth and PUBG taketh away. PUBG memes on us every day but we still go back and play it. Lots of funny moments here with the lads, leave a LIKE and a comment. NEW Merch:

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  1. Hunt Showdown is an instant like from me
    Tarkov isn’t quite my game but is still nice to watch
    But pubg…. That’s almost going back to basics, Jacky boy! Loved it

    1. PUBG is what got me started watching Jack and a couple of other streamers, but Jack is the only one of those that I was pleased to follow into other content as well.

    2. I never knew Hunt Showdown was a game until yesterday’s video… Its my jnstant fav.. agreed… Gave me chills and excitement together… Imo hunt is better than EFT… But then i haven’t played either of those so can’t confirm… But PUBG is Modern OG

  2. *Unloads a hundred rounds into someone*
    Jack: Are they dead?
    *Another hundred rounds and multiple shotgun slugs*
    Yes… Or at least probably.

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