10 HARDEST BOSSES In Recent Games

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2019 and beyond saw many video game bosses that posed a challenge. Here are some of our favorite examples.
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    1. @Cole Yes it does cause it gives you the imax feeling, you prefer looking at a small screen when gaming? then you arent a true gamer lol. and the tv gives that proper 4k resolution, with better price than a small screen monitor and most large screen can produce the refresh rate that rivals most monitors.

    2. @Bartosz Skorupa lol. Gaming uses tvs nowadays. since tv reaches 40 inches to massive 60 inches size tvs. monitors dont reach that big. all tvs nowadays have a pc port for your gaming, making them the best gaming monitors.

    1. @HeelHookHokage I take it you only played once then because he fights at full power only in DMD. Also getting good can make those lower difficulties a lot of fun. Even his worst incarnation was an alright fight, weapon clashing wasn’t as good but still good.

      Edit: I just made a comment on another video mentioning Vergil as a whole so ignore the last line.

    1. @Colour Blind yet that never works out because you always play more than 2 hours, causing you to have a game in storage you will never play. Money wasted…

  1. people actually stuck long enough with wolfenstein youngblood to see the final boss?
    I’ve heard of masochism but that just ridiculous

  2. God I LOVE fighting Isshin! It’s become one of my fave fights in all of Sekiro-Soulsborne. Although you should have mentioned that he has a semi-automatic glock in 16th century Japan

    1. It was ridiculously easy. Idk why anyone would think it’s hard. You just stay on the move going in circle and eventually duck under or jump over his chainsaw. That’s it really

  3. Lol really?! No mention of any boss on Remenant From The Ashes?! I love the game but the bosses in that game make me rip my hair out!

  4. I’ve had some difficulty with game bosses. However in my experience I don’t think I’ve ever been more frustrated than dealing with sister freide and her father in dark souls 3 and the demon in pain and the demon from below….even the stupid spider boss in bloodborne was tolerable

    1. Just chill when fighting freide, in the second phase just forget about freide and beat father of ariandel, in the third phase, well chill again

    2. Dontel Cannon Friede’s one of the easiest bosses in the whole series. Just keep your distance while she finishes her 12 or whatever move combo, then punish her. What gets people is they don’t have the patience to do that, so they keep dying.

    3. The spider in Bloodbourne, Rom I think, is the most difficult boss to me out of all the souls games. Idk why, but in every play through I’ll die to it at least 3 times. Sister Freide is definitely a pain because it’s such a long fight, and her scythe gets some bs hits in, and the demons at first were tough, but once you figure it out, it’s simple. The demons are probably one of my favorite bosses to fight

    1. @lolo20adaify Try Demon’s Souls. A LOT of people didn’t even know it existed but was the predecessor to Dark Souls. The moment you die, you have half of your normal health until you revive yourself by defeating a Boss.

    2. lolo20adaify I wanna respond, but this is my first time drinking and I may be a little intoxicated. I already puked tonight! But I feel better. Wanna be chill af dude?!

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