Modern Warfare Gun Game is Superb

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Modern Warfare Gun Game is very good. The gunplay and movment lends itself perfectly to this classic game mode, love it! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. NEW Merch:

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    1. Julius Winkel. That’s the exact way I run the class. I use the Hush blueprint. Lockwood precision series under barrel, no stock, slight of hand, FSS Marauder, and the first barrel you unlock.

    1. Jean Lafrance the MP5 is the worse SMG until you get attachments, when you get the attachments tho it’s the best by far (other than the MP7, it ties that). I like the MP7 more personally tho.

    2. And then when I use the MP5, it feels like I’m shooting rubber bullet and the enemy swallows them until he turns around and kill me in one frame. I love this game.

    1. @Kyle Medina It’s not common sense to know information about a video game you moron. Common sense is when you drink water when you are thirsty.

    1. agree, the early weapons were also weak so you had to keep up with others or you would be destroyed, in cod its just getting kills with different weapons

  1. Yes, thank you! Your Battlefield ones were always my favourite videos. And yes, you should definitely do more of these!

    How about at least once a week a gun game/gun fight video? Or maybe a stream! Id definitely watch

    1. shitoryu8 thread adapters my friend. WHICH FOR ANY FEDS I OBVIOUSLY DONT OWN HAHA but yeah no just buy a thread adapter and torque it on

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