Rise of the Spoilers | DEATH BATTLE Cast #160

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With the new year, the crew discusses what is coming up for the season of DEATH BATTLE! Also, Ben has the chance to finally talk about Rise of the Skywalker. This episode is sponsored by Quip (If you go to , right now, you’ll get your first refill FREE). This episode aired January 7,2020
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  1. Chad is literally the ONLY one who never screws around on his intro. It’s always “I’m Chad I play boomstick.” No joking around, no sarcastic response, no punctuation. All business. That’s a professional right there.

    1. The Dragon Awaits Magic works no matter how powerful someone is. That’s like saying it’s strange that a nerd can hear dumb music even though he’s super intelligent.

    1. Angel Generation yes, the suggestion form is to suggest matchups straight to Death Battle, but what people don’t realise is that the comments section now pretty much serves as a was to spread matchup ideas to other viewers of Death Battle to help support the idea

    1. @Emperor Nimbala brock is a trained killer and has fought all kinds of threats, archer relies on luck and thinks he is invincible when he’s not. And when did a gun ever stop brock

    2. @Renamon 565 Archer is trained to be a competent assassin and fighter and he does show it in a lot of episodes also Archer would use his gun. That being said, I’m still on team Sampson for this fight

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