The Most Powerful Attack In MK11… – Mortal Kombat 11: “Sub-Zero” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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  1. every character has a jump 3 and its the best normal attack for each and every one. i hope they nerf the hitbox & block stun on them soon. leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it <3

    1. MoistenedPanini267
      I know that but I am just saying I’m grateful that he does some of his videos without the filter. I understand your point I’m just saying that I liked something

    1. Andrew Geahan I always walk into my opponent while they’re getting up and then mash on down 2 but I neutral duck at the last second. Gets them every time lmao

    2. @Beefier Gecko I actually prefer Jade’s that D2 on wakeup. So easy to bait and punish. Remember, D2s are a high. You can neutral duck them and they are very minus on whiff.

    3. At least jade lmao. I’ve fought multiple matches where every single wakeup jade used uppercut because it’s safe and covers every option except projectiles.

    1. I mean i thought the ones for kollector , geras and kotal were fine, but yeah they weren’t must haves like some of the previous ones

  2. Not gonna lie…. Avalanche has become more fun to use to me than the other two variations. I definitely have more success with the other 2 variations but they got so damn stale!!!!

    Oh another thing for my lin-kuei brethren….. if you trade with a fireball you definitely have enough time to get up and dash forward and get a b1 kombo…. so dont waste your chances … it may seem like a stretch but get your max range awareness down with subs b1

    1. He should be dlc judging by past mk games theirs always horror movie characters mk9 we had Freddy MKX Jason and Leatherface MK11 Michael Myers? Or other iconic slashers

  3. I just bought the game…..
    And for me is so fuckiiiiing slowwww
    Like wtf.
    Tbh This game is going to die pretty fast
    Sadly I enjoy so much mkx xC

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