Sid Meier’s Civilization – (The Original)

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    1. @Andrew Gray That’s good to know. I loved Civ 2 to bits, but in my mind gameplay can be kinda cheaty (when I was in high school I remember saving and reloading turns so many times).

      And I did wonder why Gandhi seemed so nuke-happy in my playthroughs. Whenever I had the choice to line up and crush a large/aggressive/uppity civilisation, Nuke Gandhi was usually the top of my list.

    2. 1 is very much like 2. The main reason 2 existed was to address a major game-ruining exploit referred to as the “Mongol Horde Strategy” — remain a despot, never let a city exceed size 3 (or maybe it’s 4), and put 100% of your revenue into science. Build cities in a super dense concentration — like no more than 3 tiles apart. You will never have to raise taxes, and typically will have an advanced military at or about 0 AD. It’s funny to have an enemy come up and say “We demand that you share the technology of gunpowder!’ and you smash it with your mechanized infantry.

  1. better explanation why the whole nuke thing started: Gandy starts with 0 Aggression so he is peaceful to everyone but if he becomes more peaceful it would be in the negatives but because 0 is the lowest valid number and based on how systems worked at that time it jumps all the way to the top and makes him full aggressive with max aggression score.

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