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  1. I mean we all know why the EFT thing is a big issue with journos, the game is hot right now so you gotta farm those clicks anyway you can.

    1. Ghost Exotic no we have to push what we want we cannot let Disney force things down our throats im pretty sure you would hate it if a gaming company forced loot boxes on you

  2. “The game is fictional”
    Yes THEIR fiction. THEIR lore.
    Respectfully I think that gives them the right to do whatever the hell they want with it.

    1. ​@DrHighPinger I bet the people who are complaining never played Tarkov, never will, just want to interfere in other peoples passion because they don’t have any.

    2. @matthew brian Nobody is “made for warfare” mate. Men are just normally physically stronger than women, so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Back in the day they did think that men had brains more predisposed to handle the stresses of warfare, but that has since been proven false.

  3. I would love to see Disney delve into the more obscure lore of Star Wars such as the Old Republic, with legends characters like Darth Revan/ Bane

    1. EdgePieceBrownie Revan is canon now, thanks to rise of skywalker’s sith troopers. Each battalion is named after a famous Sith Lord. One was Revan. None the less I agree with you!

    1. @Faboolean they would if it helped push the narrative that MTX fueled live service are more successful. It would be an excuse to keep pumping out unfinished games filled with surprise mechanics

    2. This, because I don’t trust EA to make any more Star Wars games without trying to wedge micro-transactions in there somehow. I bet they were hoping Fallen Order would fail so they could say, “See, we told you people don’t want single-player games anymore. They want live service games.”

    1. @Atmosphere Exactly. DICE should’ve called it Bad Company 3 and called it alternate history. Would’ve avoided all this backlash.

    2. PyroPlazma women didn’t fight in ww2. The only groups that did were Russia and that’s it. Why would you make a game about history and change it? Because one that doesn’t serve its purpose, two it doesn’t represent history properly, and three it disrespects the soldiers who actually fought in war in the campaign series.

  4. 0:33
    From the title alone I’m pretty sure that the new Star Wars Ear will be set in some sort of Golden Age of the Republic. Everything will likely look new, flashy and we could see a new story for Darth Bane

  5. Makers of Tarkov, remember this one thing “get woke go broke”. The uproar about not being able to express ones gender fluidity is BS. Your product is popular for a reason, based on “your idea” not someones elses. If you feel its necessary to make the changes thats one thing. But I say do what you want with your product, I think yoh will be happier in the end. Plus if you wanted to expand your player base, put ut on the consoles. But then again MS and Sony would probably require the gender changes.

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