Top 10 STRATEGY Games of 2019

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This is Top 10 STRATEGY games of 2019. More Tops with strategy games here:
This is my personal Top 10 Strategy games of 2019. Let me know if you think other strategy games released in 2019 deserve a spot in my list.

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►00:00 Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

►01:10 Age of Wonders Planetfall

►02:26 Tropico 6

►03:36 Anno 1800

►04:46 Total War THREE KINGDOMS

►05:55 Dawn of Man

►07:05 They Are Billions

►08:16 Steel Division 2

►09:28 Foundation

►10:41 Kingdom Under Fire 2

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    1. @SergiuHellDragoonHQ no dude it’s standalone game, so it’s doesn’t need basic Ancestor Legacy
      Even so, what about the original or maybe basic “Ancestor Legacy”?

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