Battlefield 4 Why did I never try this?

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Battlefield 4 thermal scopes are so much fun to use. Why did I never try this when I played back in the day? Destroying people in hardcore mode! NEW Merch: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching

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    1. lord skrolk I know on the US servers there is still a huge player base, honestly it can be hard to find a match, not because of lack of servers, but because servers are always packed

    2. @jackfrags Jack!!! i usually Play on this server… i know a lot of people u see in the game. damn it, wish I knew that u were gonna be there.

    1. Funny enough, scout elite was actually my favorite due to it’a design and how fast you can bolt another bullet into the chamber. So if it wasn’t a one shot, just quickly ready another bullet

    1. @Señor Romántico I meant the customization of the UI
      In BF4 you could edit the size of your map and it’s visibility or the visibility of the whole hud or change the visibility and size of Team mates, enemies, and objective icons.
      You could set up enemy icons to show just their class or just their health bar or just their name.

      In BF3 you could move the whole hud to be around your gun if you wanted

  1. Remember when battlefield had rush and you were able to flank …
    I miss this. This game gets me hooked every time I play it again.

    1. @MAD BOII Mate whats really off about BF4 is the player movement. I never could get used to that shìt. The movement seems so damn heavy its irritating.

    1. @Nigel having the same issue. I played it on ps4, now have pc. I can pick the game up on sale but I refuse to pay for those unlock shortcuts.

    1. @Enjoi Modern, yes. Futuristic, not at all. There ain’t no women running around the battlefields in RL, so the game is fine as it is.

    1. @Señor Romántico of course the game isnt designed around hardcore dumbass. NO GAME IS.
      If a game is made around hardcore that would mean hardcore is the core gamemode…

    1. I remember when the game was fresh and it was really fun. Hell I even watch the championship game country again a different country, can’t remember what it was.

    1. ​@Enjoi Okay, I’m saying there’s literally no difference from training your brain to go for heart shots over head shots.

      The foot on character models is generally smaller than the head and is more likely to be turned away from you at any given time, so what are you talking about? Do you think shooting heads is harder because they’re heads?

      Also, don’t pretend like you can’t kill someone in BF by shooting them in the foot.

    1. Yeah exactly, I am not a cod or bf fan, but recently i got cod mw and i couldnt play it more than 1 hour, however there is a magic in bf which keeps you playing and playing and playing, best ever fps

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