Dwarf Fortress – Warlock Tower Mod (Necromancy Fort)

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  1. I haven’t watched for a while, but with the new year I came back and watched some videos the last couple days. Then I watched some Dwarf Fortress videos from 2017 and said to myself “I wish Nookrium made some new DF videos”, but I don’t like telling people what videos to make. Then Nookrium did not only do this livestream but also said that he will be playing a lot more DF in the future.

    (In case you read minds, thank you!! 😊)

  2. NOOK! If you have the time, could you go over creating and gearing up a militia? I’ve lost my mind and forgot how it is done !

  3. hmmmmm…. unlisted yet it showed up in my recommendations? well it does say live now too so maybe i’ve just forgottten to update my youtube home page for a while

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